Tide Clock | Moon Phase | Chalkboard

Tide Clock & Moon Phase Chalkboard

This eco friendly tide clock and moon phase tracks both the tide and lunar cycle and is ideal for predicting tidal heights, peak gardening times and moon swings.

A unique gift idea that’s perfect for anyone living near or far from the seaside.

The chalkboard comes with chalk to jot down your favourite beach location, be it Blackpool, Bognor Regis, Brighton or Bondi.

The green eco friendly design has been cleverly made from recycled paper packaging and cast in a unique EcoBind resin; this innovative new material has a lovely solid, heavy, earthy feel, very much like natural slate.

The moon takes 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes to phase through its entire cycle. During this time the moon appears to take various shapes as it revolves around the earth and reflects different amounts of sunlight to the viewer.

The Moon’s gravitational pull causes the ocean to bulge in its direction, intensifying the tides. When the Sun and Moon are aligned, these forces are exceptionally strong causing very low and very high tides. These are called Spring Tides although they have nothing to do with the season.

When the Sun and Moon are not aligned during a Quarter Moon, these tides are less intense and are called Neap Tides. During these periods the tides can be up to 20% higher or lower than average.

For our human ancestors the changing moon phase’s signalled when to plant and when to reap. They marked the passing of seasonal cycles, and mysteriously followed the patterns of the mineral, vegetable and animal world.

The moon clocks hand works quite independently from the tide clock and each can be adjusted using the small fly wheel on the back of the movements.

The quartz driven tide hand will rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes around the fascia, giving you the state of the tide at a glance. This design also provides an indication of how many hours remain until high or low water.

The tide clock is only intended as a guide given the variable nature of the tides.

Simply set the hand to the full tide position at exactly high tide for your chosen location and then throw away your tide table.

This ECO design is sourced and manufactured in the UK and made from recycled paper and hard resin.

Designed to be wall mounted. Batteries not included.

Full instructions on how to set up your tide clock are included.

Size: 20 x 27 cm

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